I guess it's really a sugar pot or something. I forgot I had these. I'm going to test them and make candles out of them and then they will be available to purchase. I only have a handful at the moment until I find some more treasures.

Where have I been? We went on vacation. Then I got sick. And, now it's time to work outside! Spring is such a busy time of year for me. The weather is finally nice out. I can finish the wood projects I have in my garage. Get my deck all beautified. Plant flowers. All the fun stuff!

Well, that's all I have for you at the moment. Please feel free to comment down below and share what you've been up to. Any fun projects that you're working on this Summer? I have a couple coming up that I'm excited about!! Have a great rest of the week!

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From time to time, we all have problems that come up. Taking the time to burn a candle can help put the difficulties into words and, in the end, be very therapeutic. By assigning your issue to the flame, you can then, in a sense, burn them away. Give them to God. (Or whomever you pray to.)

How does the scent come into play? Little Sunshine has a top note of Rose, which relieves stress, fights anxiety, and relaxes your mind and body. The middle note of Orchid can help with tension and even ease irritability. Lastly, the base note of Tongan Vanilla enables you to relax.

Let whatever ails you burn and dissipate with the candle as it burns. Let it burn as long as possible at night or until you have to leave your home. Light in the next few days until it burns down completely, not worrying or thinking about your problem more than is necessary.

I know this sounds funny. But, candles have helped me many times throughout my life. Try it! You might be surprised what happens when you take time to be quiet with yourself and a candle. It's why I light-alada candles.

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Spring my favorite season. The smell of flowers, fresh sheets on the line, and all that make spring wonderful. But, if you're not ready to open your windows to let in some fresh air (or allergies), I suggest lighting one of my springtime candles instead.

Fig Leaf | Floral | Amber is one of my favorites for spring and summer. It smells green but not like fresh-cut grass. More of a meadow. With luscious fig, fresh fruit, light florals, and a pleasant base of cedarwood and amber.

Top note Galbanum is a purifying scent. Middle note Davana is herbaceous with hints of honey and freshly mown hay. Ends with a base note of the woody scent of cedarwood and amber, which are great stress relievers. Forget what Top, Middle, and Base notes are read here.

I have many spring scents available. My Mother's Day candle is a good one that anyone would love. Big or small candles are the easiest way to set a mood and make any space comfortable and just right with a flicker of light and perfect scent to go with it.

Candles are one of the best and easiest gifts to give at any time or season. Who wouldn't want a handmade candle to help make their space feel like an oasis.

Thank you for stopping by. It means the world to me.

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