Thinking About Gifts For Mom

Every Mother's Day, I start thinking about what my mom would have liked. She loved the color purple. She was always busy working to support herself and us two kids. Never took time for herself. And looking back, I'm sure she was stressed 99% of the time.

So, this is the candle I have come up with this year. Lavender + Linens

It's a beautiful pink candle jar that boasts elegance and class. Topped with simple purple lavender buds. Scented with bergamot; for its calming and soothing benefits.

Lavender; is known to ward off evils spirits and promote calm and peace.

and Sandalwood; to promote a night of better sleep and improve focus and memory.

A sophisticated blend of scents.

Just what everyone needs, right?

I hope that you give this gift to that special woman in your life who needs a time out. A refresh. A moment of peace to herself.

It's available from now until Mother's Day!

Thanks for stopping by. It means the world to me.

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