A Little Sunshine

From time to time, we all have problems that come up. Taking the time to burn a candle can help put the difficulties into words and, in the end, be very therapeutic. By assigning your issue to the flame, you can then, in a sense, burn them away. Give them to God. (Or whomever you pray to.)

How does the scent come into play? Little Sunshine has a top note of Rose, which relieves stress, fights anxiety, and relaxes your mind and body. The middle note of Orchid can help with tension and even ease irritability. Lastly, the base note of Tongan Vanilla enables you to relax.

Let whatever ails you burn and dissipate with the candle as it burns. Let it burn as long as possible at night or until you have to leave your home. Light in the next few days until it burns down completely, not worrying or thinking about your problem more than is necessary.

I know this sounds funny. But, candles have helped me many times throughout my life. Try it! You might be surprised what happens when you take time to be quiet with yourself and a candle. It's why I light-alada candles.

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