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First of all, we all know there are tons of candles in the big wide world, and I want to thank you for checking mine out and giving them a try! I started Lightslada Candle Collections for many different reasons. Primarily for my love of candlelight. But also building my dream in hopes of leaving something to my children and grandchildren.

Behind The Brand

My name is Marynda, and I am the founder of the Lightslada Candle Collection. At the moment, I do all of the work myself. I currently do the formulating, blending, pouring, recipes, designing of the labels, taking product photos, packaging, shipping, and working on my website, to testing, testing, testing.

Why Candles?

It started years ago, as I have always been one for homemade crafts and products. I'm creative, a music lover, love painting & drawing, photography, and decorating. I love creating spaces that are relaxing and lovely. I have always loved candlelight. My first memory of candles is a Christmas Eve church service. Everyone would get candles and sing Oh, Holy Night. Even as a kid, I thought it was lovely. 

I dabbled in making candles after doing hair for 11 years. (Did I mention I grew up in a salon?) But I was more into painting furniture at the time. Unfortunately, painting furniture, loading, and unloading it takes a toll on one's body. So why not get back into candle making? So December 2019, that's what I did. I love making candles. I love the varieties, the scents, the colors, and so on. A great candle can transform your atmosphere through scent, changing how you feel in a room. 

Products & Purpose

I want to make a product I am proud of and that customers are proud of too. Luxury, slow-burning, safe candles with exquisite ingredients whose stories work to make you feel good. All at a reasonable and competitive price.  
Besides, who doesn't love to support small businesses run by the same people who have a stake in its success and have personal involvement daily?
I encourage you to take moments of your day to experience peace, even if it's just 5 minutes. 
I hope you enjoy my candles during a cloudy day to make them brighter, during meditations, your evening bath, and your quiet Sunday mornings. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I love creating them.
From my hands to yours.

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