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     Hi, I'm Marynda. I am a passionate candle maker who creates luxury, slow-burning, safe candles with exquisite ingredients whose stories work to make you feel good. I love to make candles that comfort and bring style to your home.  I also love how a candle can change how a space can make you feel through the effects of different scents. 

     I grew up in my mom's beauty salon on main street in southern MN. 
My mom did hair for 40 years and died from ovarian cancer in 1995. 
I decided I would never do hair because I was around it for the first 19 years of my life. But I had to do something, so you guessed it, I went to beauty school. I did hair for a decade, but it wasn't for me. I didn't feel fulfilled.
I have always been creative. Love music, painting, drawing, photography, and decorating. I love creating spaces that are relaxing and lovely. I have always loved candles. My first memory of candles is a Christmas Eve church service. Everyone would get candles and sing Oh, Holy Night. It was lovely. 

I dabbled in making candles a little bit after doing hair. But was more into painting furniture at the time. Painting furniture, loading, and unloading it takes a toll on one's body if you don't have help. So I thought, why not get back into candle making? So December 2019, that's what I did. Not the best timing, but that seems to be my life. I love making candles. A great candle can transform your atmosphere through scent, changing how you feel in a room. Did I mention I suffer from anxiety and depression, also? So I will do anything to ease those feelings.

​I encourage you to take moments of your day to experience peace, even if it's just 5 minutes. 
I'm a one-woman show, from formulating the candle, designing the labels, taking product photos, and working on my website. I hope you enjoy my candles on a cloudy day to make your day brighter. During meditations, your evening bath, and your quiet Sunday mornings. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I love creating them.

From my hands to yours.


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